Rental Requirements

Cooper Film Cars Rental Requirements

Certificate of Insurance

A valid certificate of insurance is required to rent a vehicle from Cooper Film Cars. Cooper
Classic, LTD. must be listed on the certificate of insurance as the certificate holder. The policy
must have $1,000,000 (one million) minimum auto liability. All policies must include “Hired
Auto, Non-Owned Autos and Auto Physical Damage.” Please view our sample certificate of
insurance HERE to see exactly how it should appear.


In order for Cooper Filmcars to confirm the rental of a vehicle, we must receive a signed and
dated contract immediately. The contract will be provided only once a price and terms of
payment have been agreed upon.


Full payment of rental needs to be received a minimum of 1 day before the date of the shoot. We
accept credit cards, checks and wire transfers. All domestic credit card transactions will incur an additional 5% processing fee that will be added to the total. International credit cards may incur additional processing fees on a case-by-case basis.